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Designer handbags, oh so beautiful! These are one of the most sought after accessories that stand on the top of the bucket list of every fashion loving woman. And yet, as a host of designer handbag styles come off the shelf every season, only a few pieces or styles hold it all and endures the fashion test. Whether you’re in love with a cross-body number or a fully functional one, a comfortable tote or a strapless and chic clutch, a slouchy handbag or a noteworthy shoulder piece, we have you covered. We have brought a pick of the top five fabulous designer handbag brands from the bounty of the most desirable and enviable trends. These are sure to add an extra ladylike elegance to your ensemble and would be some of the best and drool worthy choices.

Louis Vuitton
Your mind started fluttering already? Designer handbags are always crafted using the finest of materials and keeping the seasonal trends in mind. And Louis Vuitton is unparalleled in this regard. Be it the quality or style, you can get some of the best styles with them. We’ve curated a collection of oh-so-dapper and iconic pieces from Louis Vuitton. Let’s take a glimpse into the collection below.

Balenciaga is a splurge worthy designer handbags’ brand. The front flop seen in their most classic collection adds a touch of timelessness to their hangbags. Peep into the below list from Balenciaga to get inspired.

Whether it’s a slouch or a pochette, Chanel collection is aesthetically pleasing and most popular amongst the handbag brands. Love to put your gadgets or basic essentials in a Chanel’s timeless handbag? Do look at some of the most popular designs available with Chanel and pick one that matches your fashion repertoire.

When it comes to designer women’s purses that are designed with both fashion and function, Hemes gives unprecedented attention to every detail — making their collection ideal and iconic. Well if you’re looking for anything super-stylish to get to a cocktail party or a day walk at the beach, check out the following inspirations.

Marc Jacobs
Here we’ve brought you a fair share of Marc Jacobs designer handbags collection. Get inspiration from the below seen Marc Jacobs bags’ choices before you snap one from your favorite online store

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