Gucci GG Marmont Matelassé Camera Bag Collection

Posted on 14th December 2016 in replica gucci handbags

Whenever someone new learns what I do for a living, almost invariably, he or she asks me what my favorite bag or brand is. I typically respond with my favorite designer of the moment, along with a few widely popular bags; for this fall, my response to everyone will include the Gucci Marmont collection.

Gucci Fall Winter 2016 features bags and clothing that work together to showcase one cohesive vision, which allows the entire line to work in your wardrobe for years to come.

Gucci Fall Winter 2016 features bags and clothing that work together to showcase one cohesive vision, which allows the entire line to work in your wardrobe for years to come.

Gucci GucciGhost Marmont Bag

It’s hard to pick a favorite with so many beautiful options, but mine just might be the Gucci GG Marmont Matelassé Shoulder Bag, which is also available in a similar, smaller camera bag. It’s bigger than the Soho Disco that I use non-stop, but not too large to get in your way.

Speaking of options, I fell for the velvet Gucci Marmont Bags too. I actually don’t own a velvet bag and since Vlad and I spend most of our time in Florida, it hadn’t occurred to me to get one. If you live in a place where the seasons change and you want to be fashion-forward, do not rule it out; the petrol blue hue on the GG Marmont Velvet Shoulder Bag has me dreaming of crisp fall days.

Gucci GG Marmont Collection

When you want multiple bags from one collection, you know it’s a great lineup, and that is exactly how I feel about Gucci Marmont. You can’t go wrong with any of these bags, and my difficulty lies in attempting to figure out exactly which bag I need to add to my collection. Inevitably, I’ll wind up with one of these bags, and soon you’ll get a full review on my choice. If you ask me, though, a bag from Gucci Marmont is just what your fall wardrobe is asking for as well.

Amazing and trendy Gucci Bamboo Bags replica

Posted on 7th December 2016 in replica gucci handbags

Gucci is the most desired brand of luxury handbags and other high fashion items in the world. Our Gucci replica handbags give a sophisticated and elegant look to any outfit. Also our Gucci Bamboo Bags Replica are indistinguishable from the original brand, so you can get the look and feel of those great designs for only a fraction of the cost of the original brand.
Especially ,Gucci Bamboo Bags Replica is more popular by many women. The unique features that make it are really nice. For example, there is a wavy stripe bag with handle and gold hardware woven. This replica bag has a closure of the fixed link to the front. It has a flat removable shoulder strap with two press releases from the binding studies in pockets under the flap closure. It is the logo and two gold. In the meantime, also a key chain with company logo. This Gucci Bamboo Bags Replica will find an inner pocket with zipper. This replica bags of style is also very practical and special, long chain combined with the portable, so you can be wild at the same time reflect their personality.


No matter if you’re thinking about buying a backpack or a handbag replica, choose it wisely. You can get lucky and find a gorgeous replica or you can come across a website that sells bad-quality products. That is why I always recommend my readers to focus on the details and compare the products they find with images of the original pieces. It’s not easy to find a knockoff Gucci handbags, but when you get one you will ask yourself why do people pay so much money on authentic products.

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Chloe Paraty Bags Replica

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Chloe Paraty Bags was first introduced in 2008 and has been one of the brand’s most recognizable bag model. With its geometric shape and tubular frame, the Chloe Paraty Bags Replica show the house’s instantly identifiable, horseshoe-inspired design. The two twist claps on the sides that make it possible to adjust the size of the bag, and easy to wear in different occasions.

Being cloned from the genuine Chloe Paraty Bags, Chloe Paraty Bags Replica is in 100% exact same to the real piece, whether the external look, internal construction and the function. This replica bag model comes in very durable calfskin and features either a thin rounded strap or thick dark brown strap. The shape is unique as it is an upside down rounded trapeziform with short top handles in metal hardware. The Chloe Paraty replica bag has one of the most exotic and interesting designs on the market right now. You would be very surprised to see that the calfskin leather looks impeccable even after wearing for several years .The thick leather accessories give the Chloe Paraty replica bag a very classic and elegant look. If a replica bag is not very well made that would gives it a very cheap look,causing it doesn’t have a solid base. This fake Chloe handbag comes in a variety of colors, so if you ever decide to buy one, then there would be one hard choice for you to make, it worth mentioning that the black and beige ones would be more favored by people for a bit more versatile and elegant.


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A Fendi Micro Bags Replica

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The Baguette bag was initially launched in 1997 and it instantly became one of the most wanted accessories. Now, with this collection, Fendi has introduced a new version of this bag, the Micro Baguette. Just as the name say, it comes in a smaller size, a micro one. It’s made from python leather and it has two colors, with a stripped pattern on it. Besides this, it was embellished with flowers made from various materials and in different colors. It sure is a pretty design and I am sure we will see it on the arms of many celebrities. At the moment, I cannot find any replica made after the Micro Baguette on my reliable replica sites.

Fendi Micro Bags Replica is one of the most best sellers among the market, its sale volume is in the increasing position. The bag we imitated all are the famous brands. There are Fendi Micro Bags Replicas in stock available in different model and colors, whether which one you like all we can offer to you. Fendi tech-fabric micro bag charm features yellow leather and rhinestone Buggies eyes, pink and white leather detail, Fendi Micro Bag Replica and a tuft of black and white fur. The front pocket is styled with a curved topline that reveals red fabric, designed to look like the Buggies’ mouth. Such an elegant piece with an interesting appearance make it innovative and especial, it is just one piece among the mass of the fantastic Fendi Micro bags.
Supplying the high-quality products with gaining less profit is our tenet in manufacturing the Fendi Micro bag replica, in terms of the benefit of people, what is more, we would offer the favorable discount and great sale service.

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The Louis Vuitton Alma bag

Posted on 16th November 2016 in Replica Louis Vuitton

The Louis Vuitton Alma bag has been a part of the brands family now for years, being released in their classic Monogram and Damier prints as well as seasonal colours, iconic colours and of course their gorgeous Epi and Vernis leathers, as well as new prints each season. Honestly, there’s an Alma bag for absolutely everyone and it even comes in 4 different sizes, ranging from nano, small, medium and large.

Since the Alma is so popular in Louis Vuitton’s collections, it’s become somewhat of an icon and it features in their campaigns every year. Last year for the Spring/Summer collection, Michelle Williams did a campaign for them and it was amazing! It really showed off the array of gorgeous and bold colours that the Alma was being released in, which is enough to make any of us swoon. Some of the Alma features include a little padlock to close your double zippers together, a detachable cross body strap on the smaller size, a gorgeous felt lining, a structured body which holds its shape and more. You can even buy it in a quilted leather, ostrich leather and more.

The Parnasséa are all classic leather pieces that lack the forced logo displays that have often characterized Vuitton’s leather goods in the past; the Capucines, for instance, has a large logo, but the bag’s structure provides an opportunity for the owner to carry it with the monogram completely covered.

Other than that, it’s just smooth, expensive-looking leather as far as the eye can see, plus gleaming hardware in either silver or gold, depending on the bag’s color. The sophisticated design feels in line with what customers expect to see at a $4,000-plus price point, which is what the largest Taurillon leather version, the MM pictured above, will set you back. The newest version of the Alma also comes in two smaller sizes, a petite PM and a mini PPM. For comparison, the PPM is 9.8 inches wide, the PM is 12.6 inches and the MM clocks in at 13.8 inches, perfect for an everyday option. Check out all the versions of the bag below, complete with price and purchase information.

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Lovely Replica Bottega Veneta handbag

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The replica Bottega Veneta Roma bag has a structured shape and the multiple interior compartments offer plenty of room for everything you might need on an average day. There is a magnetic snap closure for the center compartment and a flap-over closure with lock and key that covers all three compartments. The suede lining adds to the luxurious feel and look of the tote. I love that when you open the bag everything is organized and I can easily grab what I need, like my phone or my keys.

There are many bags from this brand that I absolutely love exactly because they always stay true to the qualities that made them so popular. But the replica Bottega Veneta Olimpia bag is such a beauty that even though it didn’t surprise me, it still made my heart skip a beat!

The Olimpia Bag takes its name after the well-renowned Teatro Olimpico in Italy, an amazing renaissance building in Vicenza, the city where the Bottega Veneta Atelier can be found. This replica Bottega Veneta handbag has classic lines, a simple design but extremely appealing details.


The new Olimpia bag is not just elegant and rich in craftsmanship but also really functional! The chain strap handle also features a comfortable leather strap and in the interior there are two large compartments, a large zip pocket and a smartphone sleeve. The square-shaped flap closure is a nice touch in its design but also practical for easy access.

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Lady replica Dior handbags

Posted on 28th October 2016 in replica handbags

Not many of the replica lovers go for replica Dior purses and the truth is that it’s really difficult to find a good one. Especially when you want a model that has the Cannage quilting. Even so, some take a risk and purchase a replica. It could be good, bad or in between. Let’s check this Lady Dior replica.

Christian Dior Replica

I checked the photos I received and I can say that, the first impression is that this Christian Dior replica purse looks good. The quilted material looks nice and so does the color. An important fact when it comes to a Lady Dior knockoff handbag is the quilting. The stitching should be even and high-quality. This one looks very good. I can see why my reader chose to buy it. If you’re not very meticulous in checking every detail, it could pass as a decent replica bag.

The handles of a good replica should be exactly as in an authentic bag, semicircular and bent. The metal details look ok as well. They have the CD engraving in all the right places.

A rule for the Dior handbags is that the authentic Dior hardware isn’t necessarily smooth and shiny. It’s more like matte and old-looking. On this replica bag, unfortunately, it looks a bit too shiny, as far as I can tell.


One of their recent bags – the Babe bag is a rather contemporary purse with silver handles. It can be found in black and purple colour. Also the Dior Medium 61 Tote is playful, feminine and colorful handbag. It will look great during daytime and be a hit at night. Spoil yourself with Dior bag, for example, Diorissmo large pockets handbag or get a Dior replica, such as Trotter Romantique Large Bag. Some of the new items in Dior collection are Shrunken Cannage Hobo, Detective Medium Handbag, as well as the Flowers Large East/West Bag.

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A replica Chloe handbag

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Nicky Hilton was recently spotted wheeling her new baby around NYC while carrying a brown suede Chloé Lexa Bag. This is a new style that the brand rolled out this summer in their Fall 2016 lookbook. It seems to have been designed with Nicky Hilton in mind, honestly.

If you like Chloe bags, you probably are easy-going, relaxed, stylish and up to date with the latest trends. So, for all of you who happen to be like that or simply like Chloe bags, I have gathered a few models to show and inspire you.

The Chloe Paraty bag is one of the older models, first introduced in 2008. Since then, it has remained as one of the best-known styles from Chloe. It features a soft shape with thin rounded strap and two rounded handles. It has the shape of an upside down trapeze, and it’s made from calfskin or python leather. It’s a simple, versatile bag and I know that many would like to find a good Chloe Paraty replica bag.

The Indy is one of the newest designs from Chloe, released with the Spring-Summer 2016 Collection. It comes in two styles: the Camera and the Shoulder bag. The difference between the two is that the Shoulder bag also features a top handle and the Camera one doesn’t. They both look great and, just like the other previous designs, bring something new for Chloe. The Indy bag looks somehow different than the other ones but keeps the appeal unique to Chloe. It also features a structured shape like other Chloe models. It has a suede interior, a slot pocket and another black one. I think it’s a great bag to wear at the office or when going out since it’s simple and easy to match.

Look at all the details and only after you’ve made sure that you’re getting a high-quality bag, you can buy it. I would love to receive Chloe bags photos from you to be able to write not so cheap knockoff handbags reviews and the best replica bags review instead. Which one of these would you prefer?

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Hermes’ Stories

Posted on 14th October 2016 in Hermes

In the entire handbag market, Hermes reigns above all brands and that is because their handbags are truly the best. There are high-quality Hermes replica handbags on the market and these reviews here are meant to help you find the best knock off Hermes bag. Hermes replica handbags come in a variety of colors, variety, leather and hardware options and that’s why Hermes is the handbag holy grail.

Hermes is still one of the IT brands continuously making more of the IT bags. Anything that Hermes produces is always well received and fashion people go crazy and more to get some of the lizard, ostrich or alligator leather Hermes totes in all shades and sizes. Victoria Beckham is know to have picked up quite a collection of the gorgeous Hermes bags, some Birkin bags in various shades, and Kelly bags too. Just name it.

Hermes already had its presence in the States, when Kelly bag was manufactured (originally it was actually called Sac à dépêches) . Hermes had its ups and downs until it came under leadership of Jean-Louis Dumas-Hermes, who helped the brand to become one of the most distinguishable luxury goods companies. After 30 years of working for the brand, he now handed the very successful company to Patric Thomas, who is now CEO of the label. Right now Hermes has 14 product lines that include famous leather accessories and leather hand bags (such as Kelly bag or Birkin bag), men’s and women apparel, watches, jewelry, shoes, perfumes, even table ware items and other products.

Bold color combinations of Hermes bags replica and high heel shoes provide plenty of flexibility in your wardrobe. Classic color combinations look stylish on everyone, no matter the season. Neutral colors, like black, navy, white, brown, grey and khaki, put together create timeless and flattering looks but bold color combinations.

Hermes bags replica in pair with bold colored shoes

The thing I love most about it is actually its simplicity. And I believe that somehow people have come to the conclusion that a handbag doesn’t necessarily need to have a complicated design in order to catch the eye. Fine lines, high quality materials and a small touch of sophistication are enough for a handbag to transform your look into a work of art!

Hermes bags are extremely expensive and hard to get and you could think it’s close to impossible to find good replicas. But that’s not true; you can find high-end faux Hermes bags that are obviously made with a lot of care and devotement to copying the original as good as possible.

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Valentino Replica Handbags

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Valentino (full name Valentino Clemente Ludovico Garavani) is an Italian fashion designer born in 1932. As for many other designers his interest in women fashion started in early childhood when he would work as an apprentice to designer Ernestina Salvadeo. Later after graduation from school he went to Paris to pursue his fashion career dream.

Louis Vuitton Palm Springs Backpack

Most celebrities have the latest purses from this label with beautiful floral patterns and decorations, for example Angelina Jollie has been spotted carrying white leather shoulder bag from this beautiful fashion brand. Any of the tote bags produced by the brand will have feminine shapes and this tote bag will be very functional and easy to carry as well. If you are particularly looking for a designer tote, this is the brand you should not leave out when searching for this perfect designer purse.

Once you place your order by clicking on the “Checkout” button, you will see the order confirmation page and an e-mail containing your order number will be sent to you. If you do not receive the confirmation email, Contact us by email at Or Contact us via live chat with a fashion specialist.

Orders usually ships in about 3~5 days, once your order has been shipped, an e-mail will be sent to you within the next 24 hours reflecting that your order has been shipped with tracking numbers. It will indicate which carrier was used and a method of tracking the order to your door. The shipping time is about 4~7 days.


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