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Sadly, as a result, very little genuine Georgian jewelry exists today. As well as the reduced number of pieces being produced or surviving ones being used to finance the army abroad, Georgian jewelers had the habit of melting down pieces that went out of fashion. They would then re-use the metals and reset the gemstones. Even pieces that might have survived are very difficult to identify, as both makers and assay marks didn’t come into common use until much later. If a genuine piece of Georgian jewelry appears, it is far more likely to be dated towards the end of the period than the beginning.

All three of the design styles in the Georgian era suffered similar problems with the availability of precious metals and gemstones. At the time, the world was still very much beset with conflict. This meant that being that there was a lack of raw materials, many existing pieces of jewelry were re-appropriated to pay for the wars. This is especially true towards the end of the 18th century and into the early 19th.

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Carrera Y Carrera is one of the most famous jewelry companies that has a worldwide succes. Their collections are much appreciated for their craftsmanship and their very typical matte-shine effect.Carrera Y Carrera brought a new collection on the market. And it’s all about love. Love in letters…love in classical symbols. Check it as you might just discover the perfect (Christmas) gift!

This love collection is just perfect if you love the symbol itself. Love is a virtue, love is what makes the world go round. And honestly, I believe that love is the most important thing. Not only is this a perfect gift for yourself, if you value love and like to declare it with jewelry, but it really also makes the perfect gift. For your love, you might consider this collection. I am so sure that you just simply can’t go wrong with it!


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When it comes to clothing and jewelry, what’s available is often dictated by what’s in fashion. But necklaces are different – you can tailor the different types of necklace chain styles to suit your taste.If your tendency is toward the traditional, you can easily find a chain you’ll love as, when it comes to the different chains, there are many variations on classic designs.If you prefer a more modern (a design style), or contemporary (what’s hot right now) look, however, then there are plenty of different types of necklace chain styles to choose from.And if you want to choose a variety of styles depending on your outfit, you’ll find those here, too. We’ve sorted our guide by classic, modern and contemporary designs, so you can find what you’re looking for in a cinch.

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The different types of necklace chain styles are based on the same principle of links being connected together to make a long, continuous piece.The links can be processed using various treatment methods, however, to produce a variety of results. Treatment methods make each of the different types of necklace chain styles distinctly different from each other.

This method will change the shape of an individual link so that it will look completely different from its original form. Dies, templates, and tools are used to swage a link. The result is a dramatically different link from the original.Classic chain styles have been around for thousands of years, and are the most versatile of all the types of necklace chain styles. So, what are the different types of classic chains?

An anchor chain is similar to a flattened curb chain, but each link is reinforced with a vertical bar running through it.

The anchor chain style is very popular due to its strength, durability, and versatility. The chain looks beautiful with small links, but larger links make for a stunning statement piece.

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