Swarovski Garnet Earrings

Posted on 31st July 2018 in Swarovski

Cannes 2018 Luncheon

Swarovski welcomed select guests to an exclusive luncheon on the rooftop of the JW Marriot hotel on Cannes’s most famous stretch, La Croisette, to preview all the brand’s latest fine jewelry collections. Nadja Swarovski was joined by Penélope Cruz, and friends including Lucy Walker, Richard Gianorio, Kathleen Beckett, Mademoiselle Agnès, to toast the beautiful pieces which champion conscious luxury

The three in-house designed colored collections strike a more contemporary note than the classic created diamond collections debuted by the brand last year. The pieces feature precision-cut genuine gemstones, including Swarovski Genuine Topaz, garnet and agate, alongside a rainbow of created gemstones, including created sapphire, created ruby, created corundum and Swarovski Created Diamonds. For extra conscious credentials, the stones in these collections are also set in 18-karat Fairtrade Gold – as will all the brand’s fine jewelry pieces going forward.

The gold is sourced through the Fairtrade system from the Minera Limata Limitada co-operative in Peru. This environmentally responsible gold mining project provides local alpaca breeders with additional income and promotes the sustainable development of the Limata community. Meanwhile, the created gemstones are man-made in state-of-the-art laboratories, yet have the same exceptional qualities as mined gemstones, making them identical to the naked eye.

With its exquisite new fine jewelry collections, Atelier Swarovski proves that luxury not only means beautiful craftsmanship, it also means crafting beauty with sustainability at its heart.

At this year’s Cannes Film Festival, Atelier Swarovski turned the red carpet green with a little help from friend of the brand and actress Penélope Cruz. At the opening-night premiere of her new film, Everybody Knows (Todos Lo Saben), Cruz unveiled pieces from her first Atelier Swarovski fine jewelry collection, which shines a light on conscious luxury.

The stunning earrings and ring worn by Cruz are made with the most responsibly-sourced materials available, including Swarovski Created Diamonds and created rubies set in 18-karat Fairtrade Gold. This glamorous display of eco-chic, captured in the dazzle of Cannes, underscores Atelier Swarovski’s deepening commitment to sustainable design. Following this sneak peak, the full collection will be launched during Paris haute couture week in July.

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Replica Gucci Shoulder Bag

Posted on 25th July 2018 in gucci handbags
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Dolce & Gabbana’s Boombox Bag

Posted on 18th July 2018 in Uncategorized

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Dolce and Gabbana have played their trump card in what feels like a designers’ race to come up with the kitschiest “theme bag” yet. This race seems to have been playing-out over the last few fashion seasons, with no end in sight. Thinking back on it, I can recall a few of the real standouts: the Fendi furry “Monster” bags, Moschino’s cartoonish “Fast Food” bag collection, and the never-ending evening bag offerings by Judith Leiber (the perfume bottles, telephones, and animals, to name a few). However, this time Dolce & Gabbana have done something with their theme bag that nobody else has to date; they’ve made it into an actual functioning boom box.

The bag (which is not yet available in stores), in keeping with its old-school vibe, will have a cord that enables you to connect your iPhone (as opposed to pairing it via Bluetooth) and play the music of your choosing. While there is no price listed for this bag as yet (we’re guessing it will be on the pricey side), the company has stated only that the Boom Box Bag will be in a “handful of stores” and on the Dolce & Gabbana website “very soon.”

Well, this is a surprise. While portable music devices have been a fixture in various shapes and forms since the 70s, never in our wildest dreams would we have envisioned the big boom box trend that was so popular in the 80s coming back for a second showing — yet that is exactly what appears to be happening. Sort of.

Over the past few years’ enormous trend for novelty accessories, bags have been made in the image of a lot of things: books, decks of playing cards, astrological symbols, leather jackets. Rarely do any of these bags also perform any of the functions of their aesthetic inspirations; after all, bags have a pretty specific functional purpose already, and their interior hollowness presents another significant barrier. Neither of those issues got in Dolce & Gabbana’s way, though, and soon you can buy a bag that’s also a boombox, should that be a thing that’s useful to you.

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